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We hope that you take the time to provide feedback that is informative and useful to readers. Other public health practitioners or program planners considering implementation of the program will benefit from your review. All comments will be reviewed and approved based on the NCI Comment Policy. If you have any questions about writing a review or submitting a review please contact us.

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Writing Guidelines
  • Give a basic description of how your intervention was or will be implemented. What works well and what doesn't work well.
  • If the program was implemented, was it sustained?
  • How did your program implementation differ from the program downloaded?
  • Describe how useful the program is/ was and how appropriate it is/was for widespread dissemination.
  • What challenges did you encounter or do you foresee (if any) in implementing the program?
Writing Guidelines
  • Who is/ was the target audience?
  • Does/ did the program meet the need of your target audience or setting?
  • Do/ did you need to adapt the intervention? If so, how will/ did you adapt it for the audience or setting?
Writing Guidelines
  • Were there barriers/ difficulties to overcome in order to implement the program(e.g. cost)? If so, how were/ weren't they resolved?
  • What elements of the programs were used?
  • How useful were the program materials?
  • What amount of time and resources are required to implement the program?

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