Sun Safety Intervention Programs

Examples of Child Care Center-Based Interventions, which are recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force
Program Title & Description
(2 programs)
Post Date Program Focus Population Focus
Designed to enhance and promote sun protective behaviors at child care centers. ( 1999 )
NCI (Grant number: CA59202)
Intervention Category: Child Care Center-Based Interventions
May, 2007 Awareness building and Behavior Modification Sun-exposed individuals
Designed to enhance and promote sun protective behaviors. ( 1998 )
NCI (Grant number: CA63029)
Intervention Category: Primary and Middle School Interventions, Child Care Center-Based Interventions, Interventions in Outdoor Recreational and Tourism Settings, Education and policy approaches for healthcare settings and providers and Interventions targeting children's parents and caregivers
October, 2003 Awareness building Sun-exposed individuals