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Don't Let Your Cancer Control Research Go Unheard. Here is How to Get Started...

First ... review the outcomes matrix for a list of RTIPs topic areas and related primary and secondary outcomes.

Then ... provide information about your intervention.

1. Have the outcomes of your intervention study been published or are they about to be published in a peer-reviewed research journal?
2. Has the study produced one or more positive behavioral and/or psychosocial outcomes (p≤.05) among individuals, communities, or populations?
3. Is the evidence of outcomes demonstrated in at least one study, using an experimental or quasi-experimental design?
4. Does your program include messages, materials, and other intervention components that include English and can be disseminated in a U.S. community or clinical setting?
5. Was your intervention study conducted within the last 10 years?

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Last Modified: 12/12/2012