Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Research-tested Intervention Programs (RTIPs) website?

Q: What does "research-tested" mean?

Q: What programs/products are reported here?

Q: Are RTIPs programs 'model programs?'

Q: What are the required outcomes evaluated for a given RTIPs topic area?

Q: How are the evidence-based programs rated and by whom?

Q: How do I know if this evidence-based program will work in my setting?

Q: When should I use a research-tested intervention program rather than developing my own?

Q: How are RE-AIM scores assessed?

Q: What is a readability score?

Q: What are readability formulas?

Q: Will additional programs be made available on this website?

Q: How do I make my program available through this site?

Q: Why have some of the evidence-based programs been archived?

Q: How do I order an evidence-based program from RTIPs, and is there an associated fee?

Q: Can the RTIPs evidence-based program summary be downloaded/printed as a PDF?

Q: Are all RTIPs product materials Section 508 compliant?

Q: Can I distribute RTIPs materials legally?

Q: How were external sites selected to link to the RTIPs website?

Q: How do I cite information from the RTIPs website?